How do you fix a lemon?

The results of the latest SAMS survey (April 2016) spoke loud and clear: 97% of you reported that SAMS’ design means you have less time for face-to-face case-planning with clients; 96.7% believe that SAMS has had a negative impact on clients; and 80% don’t think that operating with SAMS in the workplace is sustainable. In other words, SAMS is still a lemon. Read the full SAMS survey report (May 3, 2016), click here.

Around the same time our survey results were released, the Wynne government announced it was awarding to the same company that created SAMS another $32 million to fix it. Is there no end to the money the government is prepared to throw at this lemon of a system? By all counts, it’s over $300,026,000 so far.

To deal with SAMS’ continuing problems, CUPE Ontario’s Social Services committee is calling for an immediate cash infusion to the municipalities that administer Ontario Works to provide the extra resources that working with SAMS requires.