CUPE Ontario’s mission is to advance the lives of 290,000 members all across Ontario, both at work and in their communities, by mounting campaigns for political mobilization, facilitating the coordination of collective bargaining, and fighting for social justice, equality, and against all forms of discrimination.

As Ontario’s largest public sector union, we have a deep commitment to strengthen and continue to build public services for the citizens of our province, and we see the fight against privatization as integral to all that we do. We work strongly in coalition with community groups and other unions to achieve our goals. As the political wing of Canada’s largest union, political action and equity work are central to all aspects of our action plan which is developed and passed each year directly by the membership of our union.

CUPE Ontario welcomes the contributions that individuals from equity deserving communities bring and invites Indigenous people; black and racialized people; women; gay; lesbian; bisexual, and /or queer identified people; transgender and transsexual persons; single parents; newcomers and/or refugees; people with disabilities; and people of all ages to apply. We strongly encourage all applicants to describe in their cover letter the contributions and experiences they would bring to CUPE Ontario as individuals who identify as belonging to an equity deserving community. Those applicants that are CUPE members are also encouraged to identify this information in their cover letter.

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