We deliver Ontario’s public services

image of HCWCC members at a rally

CUPE Ontario represents hospital dietary, service and maintenance workers, registered practical nurses, engineers, clerical staff, and ambulance and paramedical personnel, as well as workers in nursing homes, long-term care facilities and home and community care support service (HCCSS).

Bonfield workers posing in a photo

Members work for municipalities maintaining roads, operating water and sewage plants, performing clerical and technical duties, installing and repairing traffic lights, delivering social services, maintaining our parks, picking up garbage and keeping our streets clean.

School board workers rallying against Bill 115

In all four educational systems, our members work in schools and board offices in roles including education assistant, administrative assistant, custodian, stationary engineer, bus driver, cafeteria worker, ESL or literacy instructor, and community advisor.

SSWCC workers posing with teddy bears

Our members ensure the health and economic well-being of communities, through community agencies and by providing child care, developmental services, child protective services and municipal social services.

OUWCC members rally

In universities across the province, our members include instructors and sessional lecturers, technical, research and library workers, and people working in security, skilled trades, caretaking and various clerical and administrative roles.