Retiree delegates contribute to CUPE Ontario’s Annual Convention

Members in Action – Retirees Network:

Thousands of CUPE Ontario’s retired members live in communities across the province. All are recognized by the union as retiree members of the union and increasingly they are bringing years of activism to our critical work and campaigns at their locals and in the communities where we work and live.

When our public services, our pensions, our benefits and our public health care system are threatened by all levels of government and their corporate allies, we firmly believe that we, as retirees, must come together to fight to protect our rights. hard-won and to show our solidarity with current unionized and non-unionized workers who are fighting for better working conditions and to build a better society.

Current chair/executive board rep of our Retirees Network, Stephen Seaborn of CUPE Local 1281.

CUPE Ontario‘s Retirees Network chair, Stephen Patrick Seaborn, would also like to meet with any of your retired or soon-to-retire members. Contact him via [email protected] or text 416-737-2980.

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• CUPE Retirees Network member Ed Thomas of local 5167 (pictured here on the right) has shared “terms of reference” and model By Laws for Retirees Committees at locals. Get your copy of each to share with your local. Contact [email protected]

Retiree Engagement:

One of the ways locals and district councils are supporting their retiree members (and, importantly, drawing retirees back into the work of our union) is by establishing, via a local meeting motion, a Retiree Council or Committee.

  • Support from CUPE Staff Reps is, of course, really important for promoting retiree engagement by setting up Retirees’ Committees.
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    A good number of retiree delegates were sent by their locals and district councils to the CUPE Ontario Annual Convention May 31st – June 3rd.They spoke to a range of resolutions including two (of 6 submitted) resolutions directly concerning retirees. These received overwhelming support from the 883 voting delegates. Each of the retiree delegates sat with their locals and identified themselves as retirees when they addressed the Convention.

    Our retiree delegates held daily meetings to prepare for resolutions and discuss the struggles for recognition at each of our own locals. At the Friday caucus, Fred Hahn spoke to the Cancel the [OMERS] Cuts campaign and why that pension plan must be protected.

    These two resolutions were passed by Convention:

    CUPE Ontario will:

    Call on CUPE National to change it’s policy of excluding retired, trained member-facilitators from continuing to contribute within the Education Department of CUPE.

    CUPE Ontario will:

    1. Urge all locals to sign up their retired (and soon-to-retire) members for CUPE Ontario’s Retirees Network
    2. Develop print and media promotional materials on the Network for wide distribution on all platforms.
    3. Request CUPE National’s support and funding for a vigorous campaign to grow the CUPE Ontario Retirees Network, with the goal of securing its recognition by the Ontario Municipal Employees Retirement System (OMERS) Sponsor Corporation Board of Directors.


    Local 2191 retiree, Elbert Joseph staffed the Retirees Network table with help from Richard de Gaetano the retiree delegate from Local 1777 and four retirees assisted CUPE Ontario by distributing Convention kits during the registration day.

    The message retiree-activists brought to the 2023 Convention delegates was, we’re here, we are all around Ontario, we’re trained activists and instructors. Make use of us.

    In late March, the Semi-annual Retirees Meeting took place in person and online. The 40 participants from across the province agreed to engage in 3 province-wide campaigns

    1. Vote for Healthcare;
    2. Climate Action ;
    3. Enough is enough – Are you fed up?

    Join CUPE Retirees in Ontario on Facebook for updates and watch this site for the call for delegates to the November Semi-annual Retirees Meeting!

    Image shows six Retirees' Network members gathered around a "Retirees" Network table display sign.

    Retirees will be asking their CUPE locals to send a retiree delegate to the next CUPE Ontario Convention in May. (The CUPE Ontario constitution allows for one delegate per local of 200 members or less and 2 delegates for locals of 201 members or more.

    Friday October 1st was the International Day of Older Persons. Each year, this day allows retirees to reflect on the situation we are facing across Ontario.