CUPE Ontario retirees are members of the Canadian Union of Public Employees currently retired and living across Ontario.

When our public services, pensions, benefits, and public healthcare system are threatened by all levels of governments and their corporate allies, we strongly believe that we as retirees need to come together to fight to protect our hard won-rights and to express our solidarity to the current unionized and non-unionized workers who are fighting for better working conditions and to build a better society.

To join, fill our the form on this page or simply call us at 905-739-9739 or e-mail us at [email protected]

Send a retiree delegate to participate in CUPE Ontario’s annual Convention  NOTE: THERE IS NO RETIREE DELEGATE FEE

CUPE Ontario Retirees are committed to:

  • Defending public services.
  • Defending pensions and benefits.
  • Defending the Public Health Care System and exposing the true nature and exploitation of the Pharmaceutical Trans-National Corporations.
  • Campaigning for a National Pension Plan to improve upon CPP.
  • Building alliances with Seniors Groups which are working on social justice issues.
  • Working closely with organizations that are protecting public services, including the Public Health Care System.
  • Sharing our experiences with young workers.
  • Expanding activism of CUPE Ontario retirees from locals, district and bargaining councils and from other affiliated organizations.

Current chair/executive board rep of our Retirees Network, Stephen Seaborn of CUPE Local 1281.

NOTE:  All locals, district councils, bargaining councils, and other affiliated organizations are eligible to send one (1) retiree delegate to CUPE Ontario’s annual Convention with voice but no vote except for a vote in a caucus of registered retiree delegates to elect their representative

In 2020 RETIREES VOTE IN CAUCUS FOR the RETIREE Network Chair/REPRESENTATIVE to the CUPE Ontario Executive Board.

As per article 4(3) of the CUPE Ontario Constitution, our May 2020 convention will be the second convention that the Retiree caucus will be electing their representative to the CUPE Ontario Executive Board. ONLY delegate retirees can vote in this Caucus. This election will take place in the Retiree Caucus at convention. [4.3]

(Any member who has declared for election to any position, and makes it known in writing to the Secretary-Treasurer no later than March 15, 2020, shall be given the opportunity to provide up to a one hundred and fifty word statement as an election profile that shall be printed and distributed through regular mail and posted online. CUPE Ontario will not be responsible for translating individual candidates’ election material. [Article 6(b)] Please send your declaration and materials to Candace Rennick at [email protected])

CUPE Ontario‘s Retirees Network chair, Stephen Patrick Seaborn, wants to meet with your local’s retirees.

The Canadian Union of Public Employees Local 1281 retiree rep met recently with retirees at CUPE Local 79 to explore how to maintain contact with members aging out of the workforce.

“Recycling” our members back into activism provides huge potential in the age of Doug Ford. ♻️

Brother Seaborn is available — invite him to meet with your local’s retirees via [email protected] or text 416 737 2980.

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