The introduction of the Social Assistance Management System (SAMS) software at Ontario Works has created havoc in our workplaces. It’s thrown the lives of social assistance recipients into chaos. And while the Minister of Community and Social Services insists that the problems are no more than temporary glitches, our experience tells a very different story – one that the Minister should hear.


It’s time to tell Minister Jaczek what’s really happening at Ontario Works and how SAMS has affected your ability to serve vulnerable Ontarians. It’s time to demand immediate action to restore the dignity of social assistance recipients and the quality of services at OW.


Click here to download our “SAMS isn’t working” postcard. Include a brief description of your personal experience with SAMS and send it to the Minister by January 5, 2015. Or for greater impact, make your story part of our province-wide collective action; contact your CUPE Local president for details.


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