During the last election campaign, Doug Ford never told us that he was going to radically restructure and privatize Ontario’s health care system, but leaked documents show that they have been planning to do exactly that. Without any consultation whatsoever, the Ford government will soon bring their secret plan for radical changes to healthcare out into the open.

These changes would include the creation of a new super agency with control of hospitals, cancer care, long-term care, ambulance service, palliative care and other services in your community. Mega hospitals will be created by forcing mergers with smaller, rural hospitals. These changes are costly and ineffective and will make health care in Ontario less accessible.

We need to protect and expand health care in Ontario, not slash and burn. Use the form below to send a message to your MPP.

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    Dear MPP,

    I am very concerned that the Ontario provincial government is considering unprecedented changes to our health care system that I do not support.

    These changes, it appears, will not only permit, but possibly encourage, more private delivery of health services and give sweeping powers to restructure our community hospitals, long-term care homes and home and community care my family and I rely on. More services will move out of smaller communities. Patients will suffer as gaps in care multiply.

    I very much value our public health system and I’m asking you to join me in protecting it. This is why I’m calling on you to oppose this restructuring, which has been planned behind closed doors and with no consultation with Ontarians like me.

    Restructuring health care in the past has proven to be very expensive with little benefit to those in need of the services. Provinces, where these changes have been tried, have seen costs balloon. Privatizing has many pitfalls.

    Privatization of clinical services will lead to higher death rates and poorer health care outcomes.

    Privatization of support services will cut quality and cost more.

    What is needed in Ontario is an investment to fully fund public healthcare so that we have enough capacity to care for our aging and growing population. We spend the least on health services of any province and that is unsustainable.

    I want you to know that what happens with health care delivery in the coming months will determine my voting intentions in the next election.

    Thank you.