Doug Ford’s government has announced a regional transit review.

Ford has made it clear he wants to take control of TTC subway lines.
If the government decides to tear away key components of the TTC like the subway, it will fragment the system under different governance.
This is not about “efficiencies.”  They want to set it up for an easy sale to the private sector.
The goal is to move large amounts of our tax dollars into private hands.
Privatized transit like York Region, Vancouver SkyTrain, Greyhound, and the 407 has resulted in higher costs and lower services for the public while tax dollars go into the pockets of shareholders and CEOs.
If Doug Ford privatizes Toronto’s rail, Local 2 members will face job losses and reductions in wages and benefits.

We can’t let this happen!

Download the TTC Not For Sale Factsheet.

Sign ATU 113’s petition telling Doug Ford not to break the TTC apart.

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