Employees for the city of Sarnia have been working hard to keep vital city services running during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, in the current round of bargaining with the City, workers in public works, parks and recreation and administrative staff are facing major concessions.

The City is trying to force a contract onto its workers that would harm services, negatively impact working conditions and make it more difficult for working families to manage double duty while children are attending school from home.

In March, municipal workers across three CUPE local unions voted overwhelmingly for a strike mandate should the need arise. But the workers – who live in the community and also benefit from the services – want to reach a fair settlement and have tabled reasonable proposals to improve working conditions and maintain work-life balance.

So why is the city of Sarnia pushing these workers into a labour dispute that would shut down services that residents rely on?

Please send an email to council and tell them to advise their negotiators to negotiate a fair deal.

Dear Mayor and council,

As a resident of Sarnia I am dismayed that the City has tabled major concessions and is pushing its frontline workers toward a labour dispute that would shut down services in the middle of a pandemic.

Any worker who has stepped up for their community and kept doing their job during the pandemic deserves respect. These workers deserve a fair contract and the people of Sarnia need their services to keep running as we try to put COVID-19 behind us.

The City of Sarnia negotiators must work towards getting a fair deal.


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