Long-term care workers are being laid-off during a pandemic.

Durham Christian Homes is laying off its nurses and PSWs, asking them to reapply for their jobs for lower compensation. It is also contracting out the jobs of support staff.

This is not good for resident care. The conditions of work are the conditions of care.

Tell DCH that this is unacceptable.

Petition to Durham Christian Homes

To Ruth McFarlane CEO, Durham Christian Homes

I am writing to you about the news of layoff notices for long-term care workers at Durham Christian Homes’ Marnwood location.

In the midst of this pandemic, to expect workers to take wage freezes and concessions to be able to keep their jobs is disturbing to say the least. Equally disturbing is the contracting out of jobs of support staff, who are integral to the care team.

This is not how front-line heroes should be treated. We have a staffing crisis in long-term care precisely because workers are not valued.

The staff that you are laying off are the very people who have cared for the residents at Marnwood for years. They have built close relationships, and they have worked tirelessly throughout this pandemic to ensure quality care. Continuity of care is so important for the residents of your facilities. They deserve to have the same people providing them bedside care, cooking and serving meals and maintaining a safe and clean living environment. They deserve better.

In a recent news story, you said that Durham Christian Homes was the only not-for-profit/charitable long-term care home in the region. These actions do not seem very charitable. I am writing to request that you immediately rescind the layoff notices and honour the terms of the existing collective agreement. It’s time to truly respect and value our frontline workers.


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