The City of Windsor is meeting on Monday, November 23rd to debate the contracting out of custodial jobs for the city, members of CUPE Local 543. We always oppose contracting out, but it is especially disheartening to see this being pursued in the midst of a pandemic.

Fill in the form below to send a message to the City of Windsor’s Mayor and Councillors. Tell the City of Windsor: no contracting out.

Dear Mayor and Councillor,

I am writing to you as a Windsor resident concerned about the possible plan to further contract out cleaning/custodial jobs with the City of Windsor.

I am very concerned that Windsor City Council is looking to contract out cleaning jobs in the middle of a pandemic.  As a resident who cares about both decent jobs and high quality public services, I am also concerned that you are not looking to preserve the stability of custodial and cleaning services in-house.

Every time the City votes to dismantle another aspect of municipal public service, you weaken the quality of the services we rely on, and those that hold our community together. Particularly in the middle of a pandemic, I do not support contracting cleaning out to a for-profit company.  In addition to the possibility of cutting corners to maximize profit, transient cleaning services also enhance the risk of spreading COVID-19.

We have seen in the last months how public servants have pulled together to do what’s needed in our community, to provide the services residents rely on the most in a crisis. I support retaining these services in-house. I very much hope you will do the right thing and vote to retain these positions in-house at the City of Windsor.

Thank you for your consideration.

Yours truly,

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