Racial Justice & Human Rights Conference 2023 Registration

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Racial Justice Committee
Racial Justice Workshop Descriptions

Workshop A: White supremacy & antisemitism. Fighting antisemitism with a critical-thinking lens

1 spots remaining

Though some of us are impacted differently by white supremacy, all of us are affected. This workshop will help us understand why fighting against antisemitism must be part of the larger fight against white supremacy.

Workshop B: White Supremacy & Our Bodies

2 spots remaining

The “Embodiment and Dismantling White Body Supremacy” will be an engaging, interactive and transformative workshop aimed to empower CUPE members with tools and insights to challenge and deconstruct the deeply ingrained structures of white body supremacy.

Workshop C: White supremacy and Trans liberation

45 spots remaining

This workshop, “Fostering safety and inclusion for Trans and gender diverse people” will help CUPE members better understand why Trans liberation a key part is of resisting white supremacy. Members will leave with tangible tools/conversation frameworks to be able to have these conversations in their spaces.

Human Rights Workshop Descriptions

Workshop A: Anti-Harassment and Bystander Training

0 spots remaining

When we are disrespected in our union, or when harm, harassment, and discrimination happen we are unsafe. We would not accept it from our supervisors and managers at work, and it is not ok in our union space. When we witness others being harmed, oppressed, or injured, we can intervene in safe and effective ways before, during, or after a harassing or violent situation. In this workshop, learn and practice how to intervene.

Workshop B: Ally Skills for Members

1 spots remaining

Effective allies are champions for human rights and equality. Explore what it means to be an ally, and ways that members can step up as allies in the workplace and the union.

Workshop C: Global People Power: Building Worker Solidarity in a Global Economy

4 spots remaining

This workshop explains the role that capitalism plays in workers’ lives and examines the links between local and global issues. We will explore how building solidarity with workers in other countries makes the labour movement stronger in Canada and around the world.

Workshop D: Growing Our Mobilizing Power

0 spots remaining

We all can play a role when the union needs to mobilize our members – whether it’s to support the bargaining committee or stop the employer’s attempt to contract out our work, or to champion human rights.  Learn basic mobilization theory and explore how you can tackle workplace problems and issues in ways that engage more members and build the union’s power.