The critical work of CUPE education workers in the public, catholic, elementary and French school boards are often undervalued and overlooked during the bargaining process.

Today, CUPE Ontario stands with our 55,000 school board workers calling on the Ford Conservative government to make it a priority to resolve the issues in dispute with CUPE.

CUPE represents over 60 percent of education workers in Ontario and has members in 63 school boards and one school authority. Over 70 percent of its members are women, who bear the brunt of cuts to education through layoffs, eliminating jobs, and the practice of “gapping” – that is, staffing at levels lower than required to provide high-quality services.

All other sectors, Health, Universities, Municipalities and Social Services have all signed solidarity pacts with the school board sector vowing to stand shoulder to shoulder with them in the fight for a fair collective agreement against this government.

55,000 school board members will not stand alone, they have the backing of over 215,000 members from all other sectors

CUPE Ontario, its’ education and labour partners have one goal – to guarantee improvements in services to our public education system that will benefit Ontario students, their families and their communities.

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