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On June 5th, Conservative MP Blain Calkins introduced a private members’ bill, Bill C-525, which makes it much harder for federal sector workers to form or join a union.

This bill would make it particularly difficult for new workplaces to unionize – especially if the workplaces are distant, or the hours of work are sporadic.

The bill imposes an increase in the number of signed membership cards needed to trigger unionization and a mandatory vote with an absolute majority required (50 per cent of ALL members – not just those voting).

If this same rule was equally applied to government elections, then Canadians would never be able to elect a government, as no Canadian government in recent history has ever achieved 50% of the total population vote!

This Bill is clearly another unfair attack on workers’ basic, democratic rights.

Canadians have the right to choose a union without new rules that make it harder. This bill imposes a more complicated and longer process, with more opportunities for the employer to try to intimidate employees, and interfere in and drag out the process of workers gaining representation.

You can help to stop this bill from becoming law.

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