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Apr 19, 2011

Dear Sisters and Brothers: 

As promised in the last mailing about the May 2nd Federal election, we are writing to let you know what you and your Local can do to ensure we make a difference in this election by supporting progressive NDP candidates.

First, we want you and your CUPE Local to make it a priority to talk to your members about volunteering and voting in this election. Further communication about accessing membership lists, if you don’t have them, are on their way and CUPE member book-offs are calling Local Presidents in targeted communities across Ontario to offer support. Talking to our members and engaging them in a conversation about why these elections matter is critical to our success.

Secondly, we want you to help get the word out, not just with our members, but in your communities. As front-line CUPE members, you know how much the public services we provide matter to our communities. We need you to talk to your fellow trade unionists, your friends and your neighbours about the importance of these elections. Fact sheets on key issues in this election are available for download and printing at by clicking on our Federal Election button. These can help give you the background you need to talk politics at work, at home and in your community.

Finally, we want your help getting out the word about our great CUPE candidates who are standing up for public services and a better Canada by running for the NDP in this campaign. This month’s Pᄋlitical Pulse mailing, which will also be posted on our website, includes a brief biography of the seven CUPE Ontario members and staff who are candidates. Please make sure, if these candidates are in your area, that our members know about them, are volunteering on their campaigns and, most importantly, are getting out to vote for their fellow CUPE members on Election Day.

As last week’s Leader’s debates demonstrated, this election is about whether or not we can protect vital public services in our communities. The next government will make a number of decisions that will impact all Canadians: 

  • they will negotiate health care transfers with provincial governments
  • they will oversee pension reforms 
  • they will have a chance to restore some balance to Canada’s tax regime
  • they will vote on a new free trade agreement with the European Union

Stephen Harper’s Conservatives want to cut $11 billion in public spending. Their cuts will hurt public services. We’ve seen the Liberals, in the last parliament, vote with the Conservatives to give corporations tax cuts while public services, like health care and education, are cut or starved for funding. Only Jack Layton and the NDP have a track record of protecting public services and speaking out against privatization.

Again, check out our website – – for more information on who the progressive candidate is in your area, how you can support them by volunteering or making a personal donation and for information on key issues.

And don’t forget to vote on May 2nd.

Yours truly,

Fred Hahn


Candace Rennick