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Coming out is a process it takes courage to be who you really are in the face of homophobia and transpobia in many work places.  There are many places to seek support through your union at the local, provincial and national level.

Proud Labour is the Solidarity & Pride page of the facebook page Ontario Federation of Labour.  Why not “friend us” now!!

All LGBT workers and their allies are welcome – lesbian, gay, bisexual, Trans, Two Spirited, Intersex, questioning and queer-identified workers.

The Solidarity and Pride mandate of the Ontario Federation of Labour was firmly established early in the 1990s with the election of a Vice President – VP Solidarity & Pride to the OFL’s Executive Board. The OFL is Canada’s largest provincial labour federation representing 54 unions and one million Ontario workers.

LGBT and queer-identified workers represented by trade unions number upwards of 100,000 across Ontario. 10.2% or over 10,000 of these union members are LGBT and queer community members.  You are not alone.

Conditions are slowly improving for our communities but the daily harassment faced by LGBT members at far too many work-sites across Ontario establishes the vicious circle of isolation and invisibility.  We need more LGBT and queer members to seek leadership positions.

Come out at work and know you have the support of your union.  Help make all work places safer by making our community visible.

Connect with other LGBT and queer members it reduces your isolation.  A sense of community can create a sense of safety and visibility.

Be sensitive to other LGBT and queer coworkers sense of comfort with knowledge of their lives and respect their right to privacy if they feel uncomfortable with their sexuality or gender presentation being known to the broader community.  Being out can make a work place safer for everyone but people need to make this decision for themselves at their own pace.  Remember email is rarely private in many workplaces.

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