The 537 members of CUPE 3908-1 are the backbone of the teaching workforce at Trent University. They’re 100 per cent dedicated to quality post-secondary education, but they have ZERO per cent job security!

Faced with a lockout or strike deadline of March 2, the members of CUPE 3908-1 need YOUR support!

Click the link below to send an email message directly to Trent University’s President Leo Groarke, as well as their Provost and Vice Chair Jacqueline Muldoon.

It only takes a few seconds, and your support help CUPE 3908-1 members send a powerful message to Trent University that you and many others are standing in solidarity with part-time teaching staff.

To: Leo Groarke, President, Trent and Jacqueline Muldoon, Provost and Vice-President, Trent

Dr. Groarke and Dr. Muldoon:

I am writing in support of Trent University’s part-time instructors, who are members of CUPE 3908-1

Job security comes at no cost to the University, and Trent’s only justification for not providing job security is based on “principle”.

That is why I am calling on you to ensure that Trent’s negotiators have the flexibility to negotiate a fair contract that respects the priorities that CUPE 3908-1 members have identified, including job security.


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