Yesterday, November 16, more than 100 front-line members of CUPE Local 5257 went on strike.

Providing blended childcare and learning support at seven Blaisdale Montessori School campuses across Oshawa, Ajax, Pickering, and Bowmanville, they are fighting for good wages – and on behalf of the 280,000 members of CUPE Ontario, we wholeheartedly support this important action. We call on the employer to immediately ensure that wages reflect the value these members bring to the community.

The employer, unfortunately, has yet to offer any wage improvements for the first two years of the agreement, despite the members delivering critical services that communities rely on during a pandemic, going without a contract since August 31, 2019, meeting with the employer 16 times, and even extending its strike deadline five times.

And, most concerning, the employer has refused to match these efforts with a good deal despite the fact that 55% of the members earn a minimum wage.

These are members who’ve risen to the unimaginable challenge of working during a pandemic and have bravely ensured that schools continue to operate. They deserve better than low wages and being forced to take job action.

And the students who attend these schools deserve a high-quality education, which can only be delivered by teachers and support staff who aren’t burdened with the stress of wages that can’t possibly keep up with the cost of living.

Members of CUPE Local 5257 deserve good wages now.

Join a Picket Line Near You
Picket lines will be active between 8:00am-5:00pm, Monday to Friday.

  • AJAX: 56 Old Kingston Road and 20 O’Brien Court
  • OSHAWA: 1037 Simcoe St North
  • PICKERING: 415 Toynevale Road, 365 Kingston Road, and 1340 Rougemount Drive
  • BOWMANVILLE: 80 Rhonda Boulevard

Tell the Blaisdale Head Office to Bargain a Fair Deal

Call (905) 509-5005×107 or email [email protected] to tell Head Office to treat teachers and support staff fairly. We’re calling on the employer to address the large cohort of staff who earn minimum wage and for the employer to immediately propose wage improvements for all staff who are reportedly living paycheque to paycheque.

Spread the Word on Social Media

Share this statement, and the following news story ( with your peers, tagging @BlaisdalePickering, to help spread the word and show your support for striking teachers and support staff.

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