CUPE Ontario stands together with the 400,000 workers in school boards, CÉGEPs, social services, health care and other public services who began rotating strikes across the province today.

Workers in Quebec, as in Ontario, are shouldering the burden of austerity under Liberal governments. These governments are paying for tax cuts and expensive privatization schemes by freezing wages and slashing public services. Typically, the people affected most are among the lowest-paid workers in the public sector and the cuts disproportionately hit women, racialized and aboriginal workers, workers with disabilities, LGBTQ workers and young workers.

CUPE Ontario stands shoulder to shoulder with our sisters and brothers in the SCFP Quebec and the Common Front. Like the Common Front in Quebec, our members in Ontario have faced years of Liberal austerity. Your fight is our fight.

Right now, 55,000 CUPE Ontario education workers – already low-paid – are taking a brave stand for respect against this province’s Liberal government. Last winter, workers at Canada’s two largest universities went on strike against poverty wages. More and more, workers are showing governments they will stand together against the austerity that is enriching the wealthy and well-connected, but leaving millions of people behind.

All of CUPE in Ontario is inspired by the strength and solidarity of the Quebec labour’s Common Front. Beginning this week, hundreds of thousands of workers will begin rotating strikes across the province. This follows October 3, when 150,000 people rallied in the streets of Montreal to support public-sector workers and services.

Everyone should pay attention. We encourage everyone to visit to learn more.
Particularly, we encourage provincial premiers to pay attention. The ongoing cuts to public services are hurting our families and communities.

To our sisters and brothers in Quebec, you have our full support and gratitude. Your leadership is inspirational, and your voices are being heard. Stand strong.