From Ontario to Newfoundland, CUPE Ontario’s 280,000 members are proud to be in solidarity with over 90 municipal workers, members of CUPE Local 1349, who were locked out last night.

For 51 years, they’ve made Grand Falls-Windsor what it is by taking care of fire dispatch, water and sewage, roads, and recreation facilities.

In return, the members have reasonably pushed back against efforts to contract out their work, which would have significant impacts on the services residents rely on; and they’ve asked to maintain their collective bargaining rights as well as their current medical plan.

In response, the mayor, councillors, and town management refused to bargain a good contract and made a concessionary offer that was rejected by every single member of the Local.

And now they have shamefully decided to lock out front-line workers who sustain their community, replacing them with scabs, instead of doing what’s right.

This is a decision that we, CUPE Ontario, strongly condemn.

We call on the Town of Grand Falls-Windsor to get back to the bargaining table immediately, and we demand that they retract all concessions that impact the workers’ right to protect jobs, have a safe workplace, and maintain the current medical plan.

We encourage members from all provinces, as well as allies, to write the Mayor and Councillors here.

Both residents and workers deserve better.

In Solidarity,

Fred Hahn,
President of CUPE Ontario

Candace Rennick,
Secretary Treasurer of CUPE Ontario

CUPE Ontario is sending a solidarity donation. If you wish to join us, please send a donation and/or a message of solidarity to:

CUPE Local 1349
PO box 793
Grand Falls-Windsor, NL
A2A 2M4

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