CUPE Ontario Human Rights Conference

More than 100 members  participated in the first annual CUPE Ontario Racial Justice Conference in Richmond Hill  on March 10.

The busy agenda included addresses by CUPE Ontario President Fred Hahn, Secretary-Treasurer Candace Rennick and Diversity Vice-President, Racialized Workers, Veriline Howe. These speakers were followed by a panel including Gary Pieters from the Urban Alliance on Race Relations, Michael Kerr from Colour of Poverty and Paulette Senior from YWCA Canada.  The afternoon workshops focused on finding concrete actions to increase racial justice in the workplace, union and community.

The following day saw CUPE Ontario’s biennial Human Rights Conference kick off. This three-day conference featured a panel discussion on equity moderated by Nora Loreto, involving CUPE Ontario’s three diversity vice-presidents, Veriline Howe, Joanne Webb and Marlon Picken.