We have all watched the crisis in long-term care unfold during the COVID-19 pandemic, but the problems predate the crisis. Decades of underfunding have led to understaffing and workers forced to piece together work from multiple jobs. Long-term care residents have felt the brunt of this system in crisis, with workers stretched too thin to provide the level of support residents deserve.

On October 28th Bill 13, the Time to Care Act, will go to second reading in the legislature. It would legislate an average of 4 hours of hands-on care per resident per day in long-term care. But we need your help to ensure it passes second reading.

On this page you will find a tool to connect you directly with your MPP, including a draft script that you can use for reference. Bill 13 was introduced by the NDP so we expect they will support Bill 13 at second reading. If your MPP is a member of the NDP, we will instead connect you with a Conservative MPP.

We need people from across the province to make calls and put pressure on all MPPs to vote in favour of Bill 13 at second reading. The crisis in long-term care has never been more dire, but the power is in our hands to improve conditions for residents, as well as frontline workers.

Use the form on this page to receive a phone call & connect with your MPP by phone

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Speaking Notes

Hello [MPP name],

My name is [your name] and I live in [name of your community or constituency]. I’m deeply concerned about long-term care in Ontario. Bill 13, the Time to Care Act, is going to second reading on October 28th, and I am asking you to vote in favour of the Bill.

Residents in long-term care deserve better. They deserve dignity, respect, and adequate care.

Now is the time for strong leadership and government action. Can I count on your support?

Thank you for your time.