May 11, 2015

Dear long-term care sector member:

Each year in May we take the opportunity to recognize and celebrate your vital and compassionate work in the health sector.

May 11-17 is National Nursing, Home/Long-Term Care week and we want to thank you for all you do each day and throughout the year ensuring long-term care residents across Ontario are well cared and supported.  This is indeed remarkable considering the many challenges you and your colleagues  face in workplaces where there are never enough hands to provide the daily care residents need – that you persevere to do your outmost best for residents.

It is not an exaggeration to say, that without you – personal support workers, nurses, registered practical nurses, health care aides and so many more front-line nursing home staff – there would be no “care” in our long-term care homes.

We also want to acknowledge that in addition to your daily work providing care with quality and dignity for residents, you continue to advocate for improved funding and care for residents.

With your help and support for our Time to care for a legislated four hour daily care standard for residents, we have been able to change the public dialogue and get public support for a legislated minimum standard of care for nursing home residents. Over the next few months we will be intensifying our political lobby work to make a four hour standard care law.

Again we at CUPE Ontario and the Health Care Workers’ Coordinating Committee (HCWCC) are immensely proud of you.

In unity,

Fred Hahn                                                                                                                                          Kelly O’Sullivan
President, CUPE Ontario                                                                                                                   Chair, HCWCC

To find out more about CUPE Ontario’s Time to Care campaign go to:

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