On June 1, we commemorate Injured Workers Day alongside workers injured or made ill while at work.

With this day landing on the eve of the first provincial election in Ontario since COVID-19, we’re reminded that politics matters to injured workers and their allies.

We’re reminded that although COVID-19 increased the risk of illness at work, the Ford Conservatives still only cover 77% of the workforce – compared to the average provincial coverage rate of 88%.

We’re reminded that the Ford Conservatives reduced compensation rates for injured workers this year – the sixth time in six years.

And we’re reminded that, in the face of skyrocketing costs, they also legislated a distribution of funds back to employers instead of injured workers, with reports saying that amounts to $1.5-billion in redistribution from injured and ill workers to employers.

Tomorrow, with this in mind, we are calling on members who have continued to deliver services that Ontarians rely on to elect a government that will support injured and ill workers – and to prevent injuries by ensuring the investments we need.