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Premier Ford:

We’re in the middle of a global pandemic that is affecting our health and our economy. All Ontarians — front-line workers, our elders, equity-seekers — are impacted by this crisis.

More than ever, we need a plan for the future that draws from the experiences, knowledge, and strength of the front-line workers we all recognize as heroes.

But the new Ontario Jobs and Recovery Committee, which is made up of only Conservative Ministers and MPPs, misses this opportunity. While those to be consulted include business associations, chambers of commerce, and corporate leaders, among others, front-line workers and the unions who represent them aren’t on the list.

Ontario workers and the unions who represent them must be consulted.

In British Columbia, labour is included in some provincial sectoral working groups and have direct lines to all ministries. Ontario needs to do the same.

I urge you to include labour in the list of groups to be consulted about reopening the province.

We’re proud to represent workers on the front-lines of this crisis — and their expertise must shape our future plans.


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