Over the last 10 years, approximately 154 University of Toronto caretaking positions on St. George Campus – good jobs like the ones Deborah, Eugenia and Maria have – have disappeared, mainly due to contracting out to for-profit operators.

These operators are in it to make a profit, and they pay their staff close to minimum wage and offer a tiny fraction of the benefits that workers deserve.

In the last three years alone, 27 more buildings have been lost to for-profit cleaning. As more U of T staff retire, their work is contracted out, reducing the number of good jobs in various classifications across the university.

Good jobs lift workers out of poverty, supporting racial justice and gender justice. Good jobs serve the U of T community and align with U of T’s values of “equal opportunity, equity and justice.”

If we do nothing, more good jobs could disappear. CUPE 3261 has made contracting out a central demand of this round of collective agreement negotiations. With your solidarity, it is possible to stop contracting out and to win more good jobs at U of T. Join us!

Good jobs promote racial justice but good jobs are disappearing from UofT. Join the campaign to stop contracting out Too many women of colour are in low wage, precarious jobs. But my job is permanent, with benefits and a pension so I can retires with dignity.

University of Toronto

Good Jobs are disappearing from U of T

We call on U of T to:
  • Stop the contracting out of good jobs across the University

  • Directly hire U of T employees to ensure functional, clean, and safe campuses and buildings, including cafeterias, classrooms, labs and libraries

  • Increase good jobs at U of T to meet growing needs