TORONTO, ON (November 26,2018) – CUPE Ontario stands strongly with the more than 2,500 General Motors (GM) workers in their fight to save their jobs in Oshawa, says the union’s president, Fred Hahn.


“Last month, GM reported US$2.5-billion third-quarter profits and today they’re turning their backs on the workers that have been working, literally, around the clock to make that happen,” says Hahn. “This is the epitome of the corporate greed that is destroying our communities.”


The closing of the Oshawa plant will not only hurt the workers directly employed by the company, it will also mean the loss of thousands of additional spin-off jobs and up to $1 billion a year in tax revenue that funds the public services we all rely on.


“No one should have to wake up to rumours that they’re job is about to disappear – the management at GM should be ashamed of how they have handled things,” says Candace Rennick, Secretary-Treasurer for CUPE Ontario. “We applaud all the workers who walked off the job today in protest of GM’s shameful decision.”


“This isn’t over,” says Hahn. “CUPE Ontario will do all it can to support the workers in Oshawa and help in the fight to save their jobs.”

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