Every year on June 1st, we recognize workers who have been injured or made sick on the job and raise our voices for safer workplaces and better treatment of all workers.

Everyone deserves a safe and harassment-free workplace, and if a person is injured at work, they deserve a public system of support and compensation.

This year we need to recognize that workplace violence is on the rise and that action needs to be taken to protect workers from physical and mental injury.

No one should have to face violence at work, yet everyday this is the reality for hundreds of CUPE members working in schools, hospitals, social services and many other public services across Ontario.

CUPE Ontario is calling on the provincial government to ensure that:

• Enforcement of workers’ health and safety laws is increased;
• Appropriate staffing levels are in place to manage situations before they become violent;
• Employers understand and provide worker with their legal ‘Right to Know’ when they are assigned to work with individuals known for violent out bursts.

On this, Injured Workers’ Day, we encourage all our members to take a moment to remember a safe and violence-free workplace is your right. If your workplace is falling short, talk to your local health and safety rep about steps the union can take to help.