TORONTO, ON — Child care advocates and Toronto City councillors will discuss current challenges facing Toronto child care in the context of a Toronto Children’s Services report on child care going to the Economic and Community Development Committee. The report makes clear the challenges workers, operators, and families are facing and advocates will map a solution that addresses the workforce crisis and operating funding.

Date:         November 28th, 2023.

Time:         12:30 p.m.-1 p.m. (during break of the Economic and Community Development Committee).

Location: Toronto City Hall, Second Floor 2nd floor rotunda, near Committee Room 1.

Who:         Toronto Community for Better Child Care, Ontario Coalition for Better Child Care,

                   CUPE 2484 Toronto Child Care Workers, City Councillors.

What:        Remarks, followed by media questions.

Visuals:    Councillors will be invited to sign onto a parachute reading “Child Care is Worth More”.


“The report makes clear what the challenges are. Now we need to focus on solutions,” said Carolyn Ferns, Policy Coordinator for the Ontario Coalition for Better Child Care. “It costs more to build child care spaces in Toronto. It costs more for workers to live in Toronto. Those hurdles can’t stop us from increasing the supply of quality, public and non-profit child care services that families deserve. We have a roadmap to do so. What’s missing is the funding to implement it.”


For more information, contact:

Carolyn Ferns
Policy Coordinator, Ontario Coalition for Better Child Care
[email protected]

Jesse Mintz, CUPE Communications Representative
[email protected]
416 704 9642

– 30 –

JM:lf/cope 491