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The Earth is more than dirt.  The Earth is mother.  The Earth is home.  The Earth is all we have.

At CUPE Ontario we strive to respect the Earth.

We respect the Earth through our struggles to keep garbage from being burned and water from being bottled and sold.

We respect the Earth by opposing violence and war.  These are the scorchers of Earth and a horror to every creation upon it.

We respect the Earth by working at the jobs that make it a cleaner and healthier home.  We do the jobs that take care of one another and the Earth.

We respect the Earth by seeking the guidance of the First Nations for whom balance and harmony with the Earth is not the just the theme for a single day.  They instruct us in how to live sustainably and justly as stewards of the Earth.

We respect the Earth because it is a common heritage.  It belongs to no one and it belongs to us all. We know that the depredations of the Earth is the work of the greedy and the desperate.   In a just system, all human needs would be met and such greed and desperation would be tolerated.

We respect the Earth because to do otherwise is to be a fool.  Economies that employ and pay us do not spring from business or capital.  The only real growth comes from the Earth and only it can sustain us.

We respect the Earth for she is from whence bread and roses spring.