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Stop Bill 106: Faster evictions do not make our communities safer!


Bill 106 – The Safer Communities and Neighbourhoods Act (SCAN) was introduced as a private member’s bill on October 2, 2008.  This Bill will have serious impacts on the rights of tenants and fails to address real concerns of community safety.  Bill 106 (SCAN) would enable municipalities to appoint a Director of Safer Communities and Neighbourhoods that will accept anonymous allegations of unsafe or illegal activities occurring on or near specific properties.  The SCAN Director has sweeping powers to conduct surveillance of accused tenants and homeowners.  The Director can then apply to Superior Court to evict the tenant or close the property for up to 90 days through a ‘Community Safety Order’. 


You can view the full bill at:


Bill 106 (SCAN) will be bad for our communities.


– The Residential Tenancies Act and Criminal Code already address unsafe and illegal activities occurring in residential properties.


– SCAN will undermine security of tenure for tenants and lead to an increase in homelessness.


– SCAN violates the rights of tenants to a fair, open process. 


– SCAN will violate our right to privacy in our homes. 


– SCAN will likely result in human rights violations and over-investigation of racialized community members.  Women and children may face homelessness based on allegations against their partners or other males in the household.


– There is no oversight of the SCAN Director.


– SCAN could violate the right to security of the person provided for in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.   


– Police officers can carry out SCAN-ordered evictions, something they are not allowed to do under the Residential Tenancies Act.


There are no guarantees that SCAN will do much more than move the offending activities from one community to another.  We need real solutions that address the root causes of unsafe behaviour including non-coercive community dispute resolution processes, adequately funded drug and alcohol treatment programs and social programs for disenfranchised community members.  Ontario could spend up to $8 million implementing Bill 106.  Ontario already spends $3.4 billion on policing.  Public dollars are better spent to address the lack of decent, accessible, affordable housing in Ontario.


What you can do to protect the rights of tenants:


Write your local MPP and tell them that Bill 106 is a bad idea.  Share your concerns in a clear, polite manner and urge your MPP to vote for tenants rights and against Bill 106.  A sample letter is attached to this email.  Send a copy of your letter to the Honourable Jim Watson, Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing and MPP Yasir Naqvi, the MPP who introduced Bill 106.  You can find the contact information of MPPs by visiting:


You can email the Honourable Jim Watson, Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing at:  [email protected]

You can email Yasir Naqvi, MPP at: [email protected]


Spread the word. Forward this email. Print out and distribute the attached leaflet.  Talk to tenant groups, homeless advocates, community organizations and others and share your concerns about Bill 106.  Encourage them to write to their MPPs.


Bill 106 is scheduled for second reading on October 30, 2008.  Tell your MPP to vote against Bill 106-SCAN on October 30!



For more information on Bill 106, Safer Communities and Neighbourhoods Act and tenant rights contact the Advocacy Centre for Tenants Ontario by emailing: [email protected]




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