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To all the CUPE Leaders, Activists and Members, all across Ontario, let us start by saying “Thank You!”

Thank you for Standing Up for Fairness every day. Thanks for your strength and dedication.

By fighting for fairness in your workplaces and in our communities, you, and others like you, are precisely what make CUPE Ontario strong.

The last year saw us overcome many challenges and undoubtedly, the year ahead will present new ones. But, in CUPE, we rely on our collective commitment to fairness and equality to continue to see us through.

Our desire to make life better, not only for our members in their workplaces, but also for our neighbours, friends and family in our communities, remains firm. After all, that’s what unions like CUPE have always done–make life better for everyone.

It’s a shame not everyone sees this simple truth. In the year ahead, conservatives will try to strip unions of our political strength. They fundamentally believe that the wealthiest people—the corporate bosses—should be able to get more and more. And Liberals will hold firm on their refusal to fund public services and create jobs. They simply don’t care that working people are struggling to get by, and that poverty is increasing in Ontario.

We know better.

We know that the only way to build a healthy, stable society is to end poverty. We know that a strong economy is not built with lavish corporate bonuses for the rich, but good wages and benefits for the rest of us.

We know that good, defined-benefit pensions provide dignity in old age and the retirement security Ontarians need and deserve. We know that Ontarians want a fair and balanced society, one in which there is equality and equity for women, racialized workers, workers with disabilities, aboriginal workers and the LGBTQ communities.

And we know people continue to want their children to do better than they have done, ensuring our young people will not be the first generation in history to reverse this trend.

And just how will we do all of this? Together!

We are so glad you are part of our CUPE Ontario family. At a time of year when many of us turn our thoughts toward friends and family, we extend warm wishes from your CUPE Ontario Family.

It is our sincere hope that you’ll enjoy some relaxation, good cheer, and time with your friends and loved ones over the holidays. In CUPE Ontario, we look forward to a new year of working with you to defend our rights, build our communities and stand up for fairness for all people.

Fred Hahn, President

Candace Rennick, Secretary-Treasurer