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BONFIELD, Ont. – Instead of closing Bonfield’s landfill, the mayor should be back at the bargaining table to resolve a strike that he caused, said the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE), representing 16 Bonfield municipal workers on strike since August 1.

“Closing the landfill, with no outlet for the community’s waste to be stored safely, will not only prolong this unnecessary strike, but it is also already attracting bears to our community, and this is definitely not safe for the residents,” said Steve Boyle, CUPE National Representative. “Our members know what it takes to keep the landfill operating safely for our residents, and we want to resolve this strike so we can serve the community, but we need a willing employer to resolve this strike. We also understand the mayor has left town and gone to Ottawa for a conference while the community is without public services when he should be right here trying to find ways to end this strike.”

“Citing safety concerns for the mayor and council as the reason for closing the landfill is a bit of a stretch,” said Boyle. “As elected leaders of this community, they should be more worried about the safety of the community from bears looking for garbage than being concerned about their own ‘safety’ from residents unhappy about the mayor’s actions that are prolonging the strike.”

“If they had not cancelled public meetings and caused this unnecessary strike, they would not be in this situation,” continued Boyle. “The mayor and council must face the public and should be held accountable for their actions.”

Boyle also noted that the mayor decided to close the landfill after a safety inspection from the Ministry of Labour’s health and safety officers. The workers have been on strike for a fair contract since August 1. In addition to pushing for concessions, including plans to contract out public services, the mayor threatened to impose new terms and conditions forcing the workers into a defensive strike.


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