Workers at the Bradford West Gwillimbury Public Library voted almost unanimously to join CUPE in 2021. They are still trying to get a fair collective agreement from their employer – one that recognizes how the cost of living has skyrocketed over the last two years and the reality that half the library’s staff have left.

After a marathon 18-hour day of bargaining that ended at 3:00 a.m. on Friday, July 21, library workers were left with no choice but to withdraw their labour and go on strike.

Library workers want to get back to providing the programing and services the community relies on and loves.

Send a message to your Councillor and Mayor now. Ask them to get the library back to the table with a mandate that will respect library workers and allow them to feed their families.

Find more information on rallies and events taking place on social media:

Dear Bradford West Gwillimbury Council,

I am calling on you to offer a fair deal to workers at Bradford West Gwillimbury Public Library that will end the strike. Half of them work for poverty wages, 75% of them are part-time, and they need to be able to meet the rapidly rising cost of living just like we do.

As a member of our community, I value the services and programs they provide. I want those services to continue being available without disruption of a strike.

Library workers build essential relationships in the community. However, working conditions in the library have caused more than half the staff to leave in the past two years. It’s a great loss when experienced, dedicated staff leave to find respect and decent wages elsewhere.

What library workers are asking for is similar to what education workers recently were given – and they started negotiations long before we hit the peak 8% inflation.

We love our library workers! We want to ensure they receive fair compensation and recognition for their contributions to our community.

Please reach a fair deal with Bradford West Gwillimbury Public Library workers now!



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