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Ontario School Board Coordinating Committee

Annual Conference
February 3-7, 2015

At a public hearing on January 26, 2015, parents had their chance to respond to a scathing report from education consultant Margaret Wilson on the Toronto District School Board (TDSB). Many expressed that a lack of provincial funding and threats to democracy are the real problems being faced by the TDSB.

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Why School Board Trustee Elections Matter: Fact Sheet

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The Ontario School Board Coordinating Committee unites CUPE members in the Education sector who do the work that makes learning and teaching possible.

They are the custodians and stationary engineers, administrative assistants, bus drivers, cafeteria employees, education assistants, English as a second language and literacy instructors, community advisory and clerical staff, both in the schools and at the board office. CUPE represents 45,000 members in this sector in Ontario. 

The committee allows education workers from across the province to share information and strategies for bargaining and to discuss issues and policies of concern. With 300 CUPE locals organized into 24 regions, this committee helps locals to fight against contracting out and to defend public education in the face of cutbacks to education spending. 

Portraits of School Board Workers in Ontario.  A video by Paul O'Donnell

Liberals' refusal to honour deal with CUPE threatens Bill 122

On January 13, 2014 the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) announced that, because of the Liberal government's failure to honour its year-old agreement with school support workers, the union cannot support the government's Bill 122, the School Boards Collective Bargaining Act.

CUPE also called on MPPs from all parties to withdraw their support for the Bill.

CUPE National President Paul Moist joined Fred Hahn, President of CUPE Ontario, and Terri Preston, CUPE's School Board Coordinating Committee Chair, at a news conference at Queen's Park today to make the announcement.

Click Here to read the January 13 press release

Democracy and solidarity in the mix at OSBCC Bargaining Conference

osbcc-conference-sm.JPGElections were on the agenda and solidarity in the air as school support workers gathered for the OSBCC bargaining conference in Scarborough over the weekend (22 to 24 November).

Members came from across the province to elect a new executive and alternates as well as a new bargaining committee. The conference kicked off Friday evening with an address by renowned Canadian economist and academic Sam Gindin. He warned CUPE members against government and corporations that increasingly see public services as a source of profits and urged unions to become leaders in the fight for broader public values.

Over the course of the weekend, members heard from Fred Hahn, President of CUPE Ontario, and Paul Moist, national president of CUPE, as well as fellow members offering for elected posts in the OSBCC. By far the hottest topic for discussion, in breakout sessions and at the microphones, was Bill 122, the School Boards Collective Bargaining Act, 2013. Members expressed opinions ranging from cautious optimism to outright mistrust of the proposed legislation. Also under examination was the government's continuing failure to compel certain school boards to comply with the signed MOU; members working for boards in compliance urged the OSBCC to expand their e-campaign of letters to Premier Wynne so that they could send letters in support of their affected sisters and brothers – the OSBCC was eager to oblige

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Democracy and solidarity in the mix at OSBCC Bargaining Conference

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