December 14, 2017, marks Parkdale High Park NDP MPP Cheri Di Novo’s last day in the Ontario Legislature. The activist MPP is set to resign her seat and return to her first calling as a United Church Minister.  Cheri has been a good friend to CUPE Ontario members and leaves gigantic shoes to fill.

As a union dedicated to advancing an equality agenda, CUPE Ontario salutes Cheri Di Novo as a champion for all those who find themselves overlooked or discriminated against for no reason other how they were born.  Ontario is unquestionably a better place because of Cheri’s work in the Legislature and in the community.

As far as we know, no MPP in Ontario’s history has ever managed to pass as many private members’ bills into law as Cheri Di Novo.  Even the government’s own Bill 163 that recognizes PTSD for first responders, is only law because of Cheri Di Novo’s tenacious representation of our paramedics.

Just days ago, on December 12th, the Ontario Legislature passed yet another of Cheri’s many private members’ bills, officially recognizing November 20th as Trans Day of Remembrance. As she pointed out, from now on, on this date each year we will all be challenged to confront the threat of violence and discrimination that the Trans community faces every day.

Cheri Di Novo’s persistent dedication to her community and to those who face inequality, sets the bar higher for all MPP’s from all parties. CUPE Ontario wishes her all the best and looks forward to continuing to work with Cheri in her new life in the years to come.