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Despite approving 13 part-time library positions for the Fall Semester, York University has only posted four positions—a reduction of 70 per cent!

Library services are a vital component of academic life, made all the more important by the pandemic, which makes virtual support of learning and research critically necessary!

Send a message to management at York University!

Fill in the form below to send a message to York U. Dean of Libraries Joy Kirchner. Tell them library services at York University need to be supported!

If you want to learn more about how York University is under-resourcing library services and how CUPE 3903 is working to support this and other vital student services, contact CUPE 3903 Unit 4 Chief Steward Stephanie Power at [email protected].

Dear Dean Kirchner,

I am writing to express serious concerns about the York University Libraries, especially the importance and treatment of part-time librarians represented by CUPE 3903 Unit 4

Despite approving 13 part-time library positions for the Fall semester, only four positions have been posted. Not only does this mean that members of the York community will be without work during difficult times, it also raises serious concerns about the library’s ability to provide the level of service that students and faculty require, especially as we navigate the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Part-time librarians are an integral part of the library, providing a baseline level of front-line service (teaching information literacy, providing reference, taking in-depth research consultations with students and faculty, creating and maintaining research guides, etc.) as well as providing expertise at the departmental level through various ongoing and time-sensitive projects.

it is imperative that enough part-time positions be posted to fulfill the duties usually performed by part-time librarians, as well as cover for the loss of full-time librarians on leave. Please post enough positions to cover these needs as soon as possible.


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