• Rhonda Lenton
    President of York University


  • Lucy Fromowitz
    Vice-Provost, Students
  • Carol McAulay
    Vice President, Finance and Administration
  • Debbie L. Hansen
    Executive Director, Community Support and Services

Dear President Lenton,

I am writing to denounce your administration’s attempt to penalize union members and students for critical thought and activism on campus. You have targeted vocal activists and are threatening their academic careers and livelihoods for non-academic conduct. These activists engaged in protests to pressure the administration to return to the bargaining table and end the strike. Students and workers have guaranteed freedoms of expression and assembly, whether you personally agree with their positions or not.

The Code of Conduct process that you are putting these targeted union members and students through is considerably biased. Not only is senior administration responsible for filing these complaints, but they also hand-pick members of the tribunals. Students are denied legal counsel and must endure the hearing without representation. Even if a tribunal finds no merit in the complaint against a student, the university can overrule the tribunal and arbitrarily assign sanctions. Worse, if a student appeals the complaint against them, their appeal is heard internally by senior administration. The entire Code of Conduct system is stacked against students and should be abolished.

Your administration is responsible for prolonging a five-month strike by refusing to bargain seriously with CUPE 3903. With interest arbitration underway to settle a new collective agreement, it’s time to move forward for the best interests of the York U community. Drop the Code of Conduct complaints and focus on delivering high-quality public post-secondary education.

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