During the COVID-19 pandemic everyone has had to pull together to help keep Belleville running and keep residents safe.

In this difficult time Belleville city workers, represented by CUPE Local 907, stepped up to do their part. They have continued to deliver vital public services, and even took on new responsibilities to ensure that city facilities could remain safely open and that residents and businesses understood and adhered to the new guidelines that keep us safe.

How are these dedicated frontline workers being thanked for their service?

They aren’t.

After carrying on negotiations for months the city has decided to scrap everything that was agreed to, and try to force an unfair contract onto these workers.

As frontline workers we want to continue delivering services to the people of Belleville. We are asking everyone to pull together and send a message to the mayor and city council; negotiate a fair contract and let’s keep Belleville running.

Send a message using the form on this page to the Belleville Mayor and City Council: negotiate a fair contact with city workers now! 

Dear Mayor and council,

I am urging you to negotiate a fair contract with the frontline workers who deliver the services that keep Belleville running and keep residents safe.

Belleville has done very well during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our COVID numbers are low while many city services and facilities remain safely open. A big part of why we are in this position are the city workers who stepped up to keep vital services running and ensure that the public health guidelines created to keep us safe were understood and followed. Now it is time for you to do your part. We do not want to play games with contract negotiations.

The last thing Belleville needs is to have all of the hard work that we’ve done to keep this city running undone by an unnecessary labour disruption. As our elected leaders I am calling on you to do what is right for the people of Belleville and the frontline workers who deliver our vital public services. I urge you to send your negotiators back to the table with the goal of getting a fair deal. I don’t think you want to be remembered as the council that created a labour disruption during a pandemic.

Negotiate a fair contract.


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