• Sandra Carnegie, WPL Board Chair
  • Councillor Deb Tait
  • Councillor Connie Lauder


  • Karen Scott, Acting CEO

Dear Ms. Carnegie

I am disappointed to hear that the Woodstock Public Library Board is not showing respect to our library workers. The Woodstock Public Library is a vital resource for the entire community and a crucial public service. Many of the resources that are available at the library are not available anywhere else in town. The work that that the library workers do is valuable and incredibly important to me as a community member.

It is my understanding that representatives of your Board signed off on an agreement with the library workers’ union, and that the Board has since reneged on this deal. Potential job action would be disruptive to my life, but I will support the library workers’ fight for fair working conditions.

I urge you to get back to the negotiating table in good faith and reach a deal to end this dispute.

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