In May 2020, the Ryerson Students’ Union (RSU) slashed their budget for student services in half. The effects of this decision have been devastating. In the middle of a pandemic, five full-time RSU staff have lost their jobs, campus groups have had their funding reduced, event support has been significantly reduced, campus print shop discounts have been eliminated—even student food bank services aren’t immune from the cuts!

Take a moment to send a clear message to the RSU Board of Directors. Fill in the form below and send your message of support for vital student services at Ryerson.

Dear RSU Board of Directors Member,

Student services are a vital component of student success. Cutting vital student services in the midst of a pandemic is absolutely the wrong decision to make, at the worst possible time.

There is no justification for RSU to cut and/or eliminate vital student services, along with the jobs of the people who deliver those services. Funding for RSU has not been impacted, and if anything students needs are even greater now in the middle of a pandemic.

I strongly urge you and your colleagues on the Board of Directors to mandate that your Executive Committee reconsider this poorly-considered decision to cut vital student services.


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