Shortly after the convoy reached Ottawa, CUPE Ontario issued a statement. We made it clear then that the convoy was little more than “another cynical attempt to exploit the issue of the day to smuggle in white supremacy.”

But, however sharp our recognition of the strength of these roots of white supremacy, we know that members are still shocked and angered to see these displays of hate – from Ottawa to Toronto, Sarnia to Windsor.

We’re angry seeing the upheaval in our communities.

The targeting of schools and airports.

The harassment of front-line workers, of people who’ve historically felt the brunt of hate, of everyday people who want nothing more than to get through their day and get through this crisis.

And the coddling of white supremacists by elected representatives.

But, however disappointing this has all been, there’s been so much to be hopeful about as well.

Because while their disruptions have spread, so have our demonstrations – our demonstrations of solidarity, of community, and of care for one another in the face of hate.

We can see that in the donations that have poured into community organizations and homeless shelters, in the organizing calls where strangers commit to joining each other in demanding the disruptors go home, and in the quiet acts of support for those who are afraid and unsure about where we’re headed.

We can see it in the continued calls for the measures we’ve always needed, have needed in the midst of this unprecedented crisis, and after we get through this: permanent paid sick days, historic investments in public services, and PPE for all workers who need it.

And we can see it in the strength, resolve, professionalism, and care of front-line public sector workers, who, despite all this, continue to deliver the services we rely on.

Today, with hope and solidarity, CUPE Ontario will continue to educate and mobilize members, echo the voices of our community members, and organize and attend demonstrations everywhere as a show of our collective power and as a signal to those who need to know they’re not alone.

We welcome allies and community members to join with us and others who are organizing today and always in fighting back against hate and for the Ontario we deserve.


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