Today Toronto woke up to the hope and promise that Olivia Chow’s election victory has brought to the people of this city.

Thanks to her own tireless efforts and the hard work, dedication, and relentless optimism of her amazing team, we have, for the first time in years, a mayor who cares about everyone in this city, not just the powerful and privileged, and who will work towards making Toronto a city for all.

Olivia Chow, her campaign and her politics represent a new direction. Despite the array of power lined up against her, she built a huge, progressive movement. In their hundreds of thousands, people responded to her messages of possibility and change, and to her rejection of austerity for austerity’s stake. We voted for a mayor who would put our needs first and supported our right to expect and demand better. We have that in Oliva Chow.

As a champion of working people and of public services, Olivia Chow as mayor will make Toronto more inclusive, stronger in its diversity, and a place for all to live, work and prosper. She will build bridges, work with politicians of every stripe, and she will do it on behalf the people she serves.

We voted for a better Toronto because we deserve better, and with Olivia Chow as mayor, we are going to get there.