Tom Mulcair, NDP Leader and soon to be Canada’s first New democratic Prime Minister, electrified the CUPE Ontario convention with a rousing address on his NDP team’s plan, with the help of CUPE members, to build a better Canada.

“When I hear CUPE say it’s partners with the NDP, nothing makes me prouder,” said Mulcair, who went on to highlight some of the party’s pledges, such as helping parents with affordable child care.

“For decades we have had promises from Liberal and Conservative governments on childcare, and they have both created the same number of childcare spaces — zero,” said Mulcair. “We are going to create 1 million new child care spaces, at a maximum cost of $15 per day for parents.”

Mulcair made the case that the NDP is the only party that shares CUPE’s values, like the importance of protecting public services and assets. With CUPE’s help, the NDP can defeat the Harper conservatives, he said.

“Let’s make October 19th the day we set this country on the right path,” said Mulcair. “Our team is ready. Let’s get this done, together.”