February 6 will mark the 40th year of Leonard Peltier’s false imprisonment. A member of the American Indian Movement, Peltier (Anishinaabe-Lakota) is a political prisoner who was incarcerated after having been wrongfully extradited from Canada on the basis of fraudulent and coerced testimony.

Leonard Peltier’s imprisonment has been the subject of global condemnation. Amnesty International, the European Parliament, and the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, among many others, have expressed grave concerns regarding the fairness of the proceedings leading to Leonard Peltier’s conviction, and have appealed for his release.

As trade unionists, the fight for justice and human rights is at the heart of our work. We are deeply aware of the discrimination and human rights violations aboriginal peoples continue to experience as a result of colonialism in Canada.

CUPE Ontario recognizes that the unjust conviction and imprisonment of Leonard Peltier is the direct result of the ongoing colonization of First Nations peoples across North America.  We reaffirm our call for Leonard Peltier’s immediate release, and our commitment to fighting for equality and fair treatment for all.

CUPE Ontario and the CUPE Ontario Aboriginal Council encourage all members who can to participate in the events organized by the Leonard Peltier Defense Committee Canada (LPDCC) in Toronto on February 5th and on the Oneida Territory on February 6th.