To all CUPE paramedic services members:

Although May 1 is designated First Responders Day in Ontario, we at CUPE Ontario know that we should be recognizing the outstanding efforts of CUPE’s nearly 6,000 paramedic members, each day throughout the year. After all, paramedics and communications officers, respond to an average of 3,500 medical emergencies every day. Their medical expertise and quick thinking save countless lives.

Over the last two decades paramedic practice, education, medical expertise and on-going training has changed and expanded considerably. Ontarians have benefited greatly from paramedics’ advanced medical training.

Unfortunately the Ontario government is being pressured to change legislation to increase the use of less skilled personnel in medical emergencies.

On behalf of CUPE paramedic workers, CUPE Ontario and our paramedic workers’ committee will push the Ontario government to keep medical emergency response delivered solely by highly trained paramedics. We will continue to work together with paramedic workers and other CUPE health sectors to ensure there is provincial investment in paramedic services to improve patient outcomes and ambulance response times. We are also committed to working in coalition with our labour and political partners to ensure that health and safety legislation is changed to include post-traumatic stress disorder.

As we celebrate the accomplishments of first responders, we want to acknowledge the immense contribution paramedic workers make in our public health system. A heartfelt thank you for all you do to provide excellent patient care.

In unity,


Fred Hahn
President, CUPE Ontario


Chris Day
Acting Chair, CACO