Volunteer in the Campaign to bring Change to Ottawa

Canadians are just one election away from an NDP government that will finally deliver on affordable childcare, a sustainable economy with better jobs, a stronger healthcare system, and retirement security for all. Monday, October 19th is Federal Election Day. Sign up today to volunteer and get involved in the campaign to bring change to Ottawa.

A Message from Fred Hahn

Monday, Oct.19th is federal Election Day and after nearly 10 years of Harper government, most Canadians want change.

And, with the NDP and Tom Mulcair topping the polls, we could be just one
election away from a government, and a Prime Minister, that put the hopes and dreams of hard working  Canadians first.  Not bankers. Not Bay Street, but people like you. CUPE members.

Maybe that’s worth giving some of your time to help it come true.  One day now to change all the days ahead?

Please, really check out this web site.  You can make sure your name is on the Voters List, order an election sign for your lawn or volunteer on a campaign, and review the issues.  And, of course, you’re invited to sign up for our email updates.

It’s all about an historic opportunity to make Canada and democracy work better for all of us.