Keep Hydro Public

TORONTO, ON – Etobicoke residents teamed up with the Keep Hydro Public coalition today to engage their neighbours in the fight to stop the sell-off of one of our most critical public assets.

“The vast majority of Etobicoke residents strongly oppose the sell-off of both Hydro One and Toronto Hydro. They know it means their bills will soar and the government will give up much needed revenue for the public services they count on,” said Fred Shilson, who has spent years working with low-income seniors in Rexdale. “We need to turn that opposition into action to stop Premier Wynne and city council from making a huge mistake that will be extremely detrimental to our daily lives.”

Residents from across the riding of Etobicoke Centre gathered at Etobicoke Olympium before heading out to canvass and leaflet door-to-door. Campaign materials remind constituents that 70 percent of Hydro One and all of Toronto Hydro are still owned by the people, and it’s not too late to Keep Hydro Public.

Leaflets and posters call on Liberal MPP Yvan Baker to stand up for the people he represents and speak out now against hydro privatization. Additional flyers encourage residents to contact local councillor Stephen Holyday to make sure he knows they want Toronto Hydro to remain 100 percent in public hands.

“We elect our councillors and MPPs to represent us. If they’re voting to privatize our hydro system, then they’re not listening to me or any of my neighbours,” said Sarah Ali, a member of the Etobicoke Community Council and the Somali Parent Liaison Coalition. “If they’re not going to listen then they need to understand they won’t have a job after the next election.”

“Many people in my neighbourhood are finding it harder and harder to make ends meet,” said Amar Bajwa, a lifelong resident of Etobicoke. “If the cost of electricity goes up that will hurt, but the effect will be multiplied ten-fold. Everything relies on electricity in our society and the cost of all our household goods will increase too. People just can’t handle another financial hit. Especially one that can be stopped.”

The Keep Hydro Public campaign is supported by more than 20 community, labour, environment, anti-poverty and student organizations.


Onsite Contact:  Marc Xuereb, (647) 214-0384
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