Image shows Yolanda McClean and Fred Hahn with their fists raised to indicate labour union solidarity. They stand against a backdrop of the Convention logo in English, which read "Demand Better, Vote Together: The Ontario WE Deserve."

Our second virtual Convention, and our 58th in our history, is in full swing with delegates re-electing Fred Hahn as President and making history by electing Yolanda McClean as Secretary-Treasurer.

“I’m so thankful and humbled that the hard-working front-line workers and members of CUPE Ontario have entrusted me yet again with this position,” said Fred Hahn, who has been president of the union representing 280,000 public workers since 2010. “We might still be in the thick of an unprecedented crisis, but it’s also an historic opportunity to collectively make Ontario the best possible province it could be. And when I think about how, in the midst of so much uncertainty, we could still always count on the skill, the caring, and the commitment of CUPE Ontario members, I feel incredibly hopeful.”

The election of Yolanda McClean makes her the first Black and racialized officer of CUPE Ontario, the province’s largest union.

“I am honoured to have the support and trust of local delegates and I’m incredibly humbled to be making history,” said McClean, who was first elected as interim secretary-treasurer by the CUPE Ontario Executive in December. “This is a critical step in the direction of making our union’s leadership reflect the diversity of our membership. I know we’re stronger and more democratic than ever before and I’m excited to continue fighting to defend our members and the services we provide.”

Also included in this newsletter: CUPE Ontario delegates also elected 4 vice-Presidents; Resolutions; Elections; Awards; and Onwards to the 3rd Day of Convention.

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