CUPE Ontario’s 260,000 members stand strongly in solidarity with the Canada’s Postal Workers, who are on strike because their employer refuses to deal with crushing workloads, forced overtime and a massive spike in workplace injuries.

One in 12 workers experienced a disabling workplace injury last year. Over the past two years their number of disabling injuries have gone up by 30%. This is truly shameful.

It is now common for individual postal carriers to have to work 12 hours in a row in order to finish their deliveries for the day. And, their employer is continuing to exploit “temporary workers” for up to 7 years before making them full-time.

Ontario needs more good jobs – not less! We must all stand with the striking postal workers in their fight for basic workplace safety, realistic workloads and putting an end to the exploitation of precarious workers. This is especially important here in Ontario where all workers are currently under attack by Premier Ford and his government.

Please visit one of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers’ rotating picket lines when they are in your community. CUPE members have a history of fighting for workers rights all across our country. We must stand shoulder-to-shoulder with them now to send a strong message that Ontario workers are not willing to go backwards.