CUPE Ontario stands in solidarity with striking workers at Laurentian University. The 367 full-time teachers and 200 sessional staff who are represented by the Laurentian University Faculty Association (LUFA) went on strike late yesterday.

LUFA has been working tirelessly to negotiate a fair collective agreement that supports its members and offers high-quality education for students at the University.

LUFA presented the university with an offer last night to reach a deal and avert a strike. Rather than responding to the offer, the university left the negotiations and sent a general public announcement just before 11:00pm stating that an impasse had been reached.

LUFA is asking the administration for a fair settlement that addresses faculty concerns by:

  • re-investing in research and the classroom, including a fair faculty workload;
  • increasing the openness and transparency with which the university operates; and
  • protecting and promoting a positive, enriching learning environment for our students.

CUPE Ontario members in the University sector know this fight all too well. During every round of bargaining our members continue to fight for fair collective agreements that help staff and students alike.

No matter the union, no matter the university, concessions are a big problem across the sector. Thousands of our University members have boldly and bravely walked the line to stand up against austerity and fight for fairness for us and for the students we work with every day.

We know that education workers would rather be in the classroom but when the employer forces a strike we will not back down. We support the faculty at Laurentian who are committed to strike for as long as it takes to demand better from the University.

We encourage all CUPE Ontario members to show solidarity and join the LUFA picket line on campus. You can also email the President of Laurentian University Pierre Zundel at [email protected], or the VP of Finance Carol McAulay, [email protected] to demand fairness for LUFA.